Bringing back the Spirit of the Animals

In 1997 I took a road trip that would change the direction of my life! I met a group of Lakota Native Americans whom were camping next to me up in the Blackhills of South Dakota. They were hunting for food, as well as gathering the remains of animals from other hunters and animals that have died from Natural Causes they found along the way. They were breaking the remains down and packaging them to bring back to their Reservation. I became very curious about what they were going to do with all those bones so they invited me back to their land! This was the first trips of many as I found myself yearning to learn more. Over the course of 5 years I visited for months at a time and learned about the culture of the Lakota People and how to work with the bones bringing them back to life in the form of Art! The group has grown and they still gather the remains of the animals that have been taken for food, become victims of road kill or have crossed the Rainbow Bridge from natural causes. The Lakota People and all Native People hold high respect for all of Nature and if an animal is taken for food a blessing before and after is given and every part of the animal is then utilized so nothing goes to waste. 
All Animal Bones have been taken ethically or found. All Animal Bones have been Taxidermy, cleaned and disinfected.  

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